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  1. Librarium-Online Help Desk
    Gday guys, The shopping centre so far has been pretty cool being new and all, but now I ask what's the point of buying any of the standard items? I mean basicly, you see a tiny picture you usually can't make out, followed by what ever they seller wants to type in under it, and then you buy it...
  2. Librarium-Online Help Desk
    Hey what is this .. and where can I get more infomation I have this thing in the top right corner that says I got 467 Credits .. what are these for ?? Thanks
  3. Librarium-Online Help Desk
    I just noticed this thing under my User CP. What is it? Bank Account? Transfer credits? huh huh? You hackers! How are you getting my bank information! :P
1-3 of 3 Results