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  1. AoS Army Fluff
    There's something that's been bugging me about the WHFB universe for awhile now, and despite reading through old tie-in novels and searching search engines and wikis, I haven't been able to figure it out. And this seemed like the best place to pose a lore question. What exactly ARE the gods of...
  2. Empire
    I'm currently building my empire army and I'm wanting to create a wizard using the lore of beasts(fits in with the army story). Any hints on how I'd go about this? PS. I've already bought the empire wizard kit so I can use pieces off that to start with, body, legs etc. Thinking of using the head...
  3. Empire
    What College should a Wizard of the Empire study at to beat which army? I, myself, are quite into the magician-fluff so I would greatly appreciate some advise on this - guess others would like the knowledge too. Empire: Wood Elves: Lore of Fire: High Elves: Dark Elves: Skaven: Orcs &...
1-3 of 3 Results