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  1. Dark Elf Army Lists
    Heroes - 130 Points Master with armour of darkness and a Crimson Death Core - 510 Points 20 Warriors with shields and full command 20 Warriors with shields and full command 10 Rpt Xbowmen 10 Rpt Xbowmen Special - 185 Points 5 Shades w ad Hand weapons Cold one chariot Rare - 175* Points...
  2. Dark Elves
    ive been looking at using a master for my 1k point army where do i get one? (sound's stupid i know) as i cant find one on games workshop?
  3. Hobby Forums
    So I've been diving into my bits box lately and threw together a neat little chapter master from parts of my old neglected space marine army. I think he turned out pretty well and just wanted to see what you guys thought of him;) Here he is... Note the hand sculpted skull and...
1-3 of 3 Results