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  1. Hobby Forums
    This morning I had the most wonderful idea, a Mega-armored Grot! I looked on google and found several other people also had the idea, but my plan is a bit different. It's a Tau XV8 with the head and wargear taken off, a grot head, and a kombi-skorcha (half a stormbolter and a killa kan...
  2. Daemons of Chaos Army Lists
    This is a 3k list that im going to be running in a tourny with my bro. Lord (WoC)Archaon Heros (DoC)Skulltaker (w/ halberd warriors) w/ juggernaut (DoC)herald of T w/ power vortex (DoC)herald of T w/ power vortex (DoC)herald of T w/ master of sorcery (DoC)herald of T w/ master of...
  3. Projects
    welcome one and all to the mega unit! this blog is to record my progress in building and painting the largest unit i can (before insanity kick in, i'll stop at the brink) from the winner of the poll above. so what are you wating for, you want pictures? get voting!
1-3 of 3 Results