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  1. Xenos Forces
    Hey, I'm new to Necrons and the game in general. I need help building a decent armylist. So far I have 40 warriors, a cryptek who I run with 5 deathmarks, Tazryn (Not yet built), A D'lord that I run with 5 Triach Void Blade dudes and 10 scarabs. Oh, also a Ghost Ark. I need help with how I...
  2. Warriors of Chaos
    Still toying around with Warriors of Chaos...but I am wondering if our melee heroes are worth it? I mean, yes they are godly on the field of battle but most generals and characters are wisely protected in the games I have encountered. I still only play at a 1000 pt level, so I cannot say how it...
  3. Privateer Press
    Hey guys, im a 40K guy, but this game has been calling to me lately. In 40K I played Tyranids, I loved them so much because of there unstopable melee (Genestealers, Brood Lord, ex.) So what I wanted to know is what is the closest thing to the CC side of Tyranids?
1-3 of 3 Results