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    When trying to make metal parts of miniatures a different color than the metallic paint you're using(I'm mixing Gunmetal and Blood Red) how exactly do you do it? I'm not sure if you're supposed to mix them together and then paint them on, paint the metallic on and then the non-metallic, or paint...
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    Just wondering how everyone else does their metals? Obviously we're going to be using several different techniques, depending on the metal we want to create, so include all methods if you like. Silvers/Steels For my chaos warriors, could be used for any dirty/muddy/old metals: Boltgun Metal...
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    Hi all, I'm about to embark on painting up some Eldar Fire Dragons and I'm considering painting the bodies up in a metallic red to give them the same look Iron Man had in the films and was wondering how to go about this. I've never seen a straight Metallic Red Paint available to buy so I was...
1-3 of 3 Results