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  1. Xenos Army Lists
    I've been working on making a list as competitive, but also fun and different, as I can, using almost all of the dark eldar I have. I'm waiting to get some of this in the mail, and I haven't built it all yet. For example, on the modeling side, I don't have a haemonculus with a shattershard, but...
  2. Hobby Forums
    Hey guys I have a general inquiry about the two types of citadel superglue. The main things I was wondering about was the fact that I have the thick version of citadel superglue and the thin version of the superglue and have found that I am having trouble getting them to set and dry. Is...
  3. Xenos Forces
    Apologies if this should be in the modeling section, it was a tossup between the two. I would like to model everything in my Eldar army as WYSIWYG (I'd like to think I could play in a tournament one day). The problem is, I don't know what "Vectored Engines", "Star Engines", and "Spirit Stones"...
  4. Hobby Forums
    Hi, I am thinking about modeling some markers, similar to objective markers, to indicate what Eldar Farseer power is used on what unit. I would like to start with Doom and Guide. For Doom, I am thinking of making a small tornado with green stuff and putting some of the skulls from the new GW...
  5. Forces of Imperium
    I'm making a siege army lead by generals who favor human wave tactics. To increase the numbers of troops, women were also drafted. Does anyone know how I would make these?
  6. Xenos Forces
    Hi guys I'm really stuck in trying to assemble the turret of my skyray. Does anyone know a good guide as I dont seem to have any instructions, just ones on how to assemble a hammerhead or devilfish
  7. Wood Elves
    What do you guys use for covering your bases? I've had friends that cover the bases with kitty litter which is great and all (for difficulty, cost, and looks) but that doesn't look all that wood elfy. So what are you guy's using? Static Grass? Model Flock? Bellybutton lint and crazy glue? I...
  8. Hobby Forums
    I'm not exactly a modeling pro or anything, I just want to fill up some bases. Could regular old Elmer's glue work as a PVA glue, or do i have to buy some over-priced product
  9. Vampire Counts
    So I'm new to warhammer fantasy and I have a set of 5 black knights and they're missing they're right arms and all they're shields. Does anyone have any good replacement pices that I can use for those parts. Thanks.
  10. Forces of Imperium
    I am looking to convert a Cypher-fallen angel model into a space marine captain. Originally I was just going to swap out his plasma pistol for a bolt pistol and call his two bolt pistols as operating a single mastercrafted bolt pistol (similar to SOB's seraphims' twin linked pistol deal.) But...
1-10 of 10 Results