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  1. PC & Console Discussions
    Version 5 is released. Vassal 40K Module
  2. PC & Console Discussions
    Join the VMDG and find the beta under the Grpahics and Dev area. Hope you will do so and hope you enjoy it a lot.
  3. PC & Console Discussions
    www.vassal More info on website :)
  4. PC & Console Discussions
    One warband done, how ever many to go. Here's the picture. Comments? And what warband next?
  5. PC & Console Discussions
    Hey all, I'll post here all the stuff that I make during the day as soon as its done, which means you'll get to see it before it goes up on website! A new new piece of terrain! And damages version
  6. PC & Console Discussions
    So according to the rumours, true LOS is upon us. How can/will V40K deal with this? I've thought/tested some stuff out and I've come to the following conclusions, essentially "interim rules" for Vassal 5th LOS: Before firing, check LOS to a target using the Thread tool. If the LOS line passes...
  7. PC & Console Discussions
    Well Jezlad from HO is kicking up fuss AGAIN Apparently he's contacting GW and trying to get the module shut down all because I added a mini forum for comments to the site, what a baby.
  8. PC & Console Discussions
    LO is starting production on a Mordheim Module. We need your help to draw sprites, beta test and generally comment on progress. So join the VMDG and I'll see you on the Development board. :)
  9. PC & Console Discussions
    has there been any more work on Chaos sprites? I noticed the Chaos Predator and Land Raider are really... insufficient sprites, so I figured I'd try and make better ones? Because I have free time, and stuff... I used the Black Legion Rhino as a base, lightened it to show more detail (included)...
  10. PC & Console Discussions
    Now the quest for the lifestone has begun! With the help of Blackhat, we are developing a new Mordheim Module for Vassal. The module will include all warbands, and hopefully the experimental ones too. If you are an artist apply here...
  11. PC & Console Discussions
    Hey all, I'm in charge of the website, so any comments regarding it can go here :) Don't be afraid to be mean.. I won't cry much ;) Vassal 40K Module
  12. PC & Console Discussions
    The Beginner's Guide to Installing and Running V40k 1) Install Java The first thing you want to do is to install Java. Download it through the HERE Follow the onscreen instructions and complete the install process. 2) Download Vassal Once Java has been successfully installed, you'll want...
  13. PC & Console Discussions
    Give us anything oyu want in the new module or future mdouels, and we will see what we can do. We have fixed several sprites that were broken already, added a new randomization feature to give a variety of sprites and are working towrads a save army feature. So ive us more ieas and things that...
  14. PC & Console Discussions
    Register yourself here to gain contacts through out the Vassal world and organise games via Pm or other methods. Post your details like so: LO Username - Vassal Username Contact - Contact methods eg PM, Email, MSN etc Armies - What armies you play on the module Modules - What modules you play.
  15. PC & Console Discussions
    Vassal is a game engine for building and playing online adaptations of board games and card games. It allows users to play in real time over a live Internet connection. It runs on all platforms, and is free for personal use. We have developed a module to play Game Workshop's Warhammer 40,00...
1-15 of 16 Results