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  1. Forces of Imperium
    Okay so the Land Speeder Storm is Open Topped meaning its 5 occupants inside can ALL fire measuring their Line of Sight from the hull of the vehicle (Rule Book pg 7). So imagine 5 scouts with Sniper rifles range 36", or 4 sniper rifles and 1 Hvy Bolter range "36 (w/ Hellfire Round) or even 3...
  2. Xenos Forces
    Hi all, Just 2 quick questions - do Hive Tyrants with Wings count as jump infantry as well as monstrous creatures, or does the 6" bonus just disappear? And if they Deep Strike, can they move or assault. I ask the latter question as my friend has my rulebook. I am having a game later today, so...
  3. Chaos Army Lists
    This is really based off me wanting to field a lot of monstrous creatures for this chaos army. It hasn't been tested yet, so not sure how well it will actually play out. I want it to be competitive, but more so, its just an army I want to have fun with due to the models in it. HQ: DP wings...
1-3 of 3 Results