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  1. 40k Rules Help
    Hi Guys, First time poster so hopefully this all goes to plan;-) I was in a game the other day when this situation arose, looking at the book i think i know the answer but want to know how people play it, feel about it and the letter of the law I was orks, My opponent was space marine. The...
  2. Xenos Forces
    I know Iridium Armor is often criticized for its reduction of the XV8's assault move, but it seems to me that the JSJ move on an XV8 is mainly for getting skirmishing (my preferred tactic)suits out of an enemy's assault range. So... Without Iridium Armor: -XV8 starts 18" away from the enemy...
  3. General Hobby Discussion
    I'm painting my first unit of TK skellies this weekend and I was planning on make a movement tray for obvious reasons. I can't say I like the GW trays at all, nor do I really see the need to spend that kind of money on a flat piece of plastic. Having said that, I'd like to know what other...
1-3 of 3 Results