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  1. Other 40k Universe Games
    We ran a scenario for needing to ambush a transport guarded by some Space Marines. We had two gangs attacking the transport and each other, and a person playing the Marines. The Marines needed to get the transport to the exit location or drive off the attackers. The Ork gang and the Orlock gang...
  2. Other 40k Universe Games
    I was reading through the necromunda tactics on the GW website and noticed that there are a couple of extra hired guns and the outlaw trading camp. Whre do I find the rules for these?
  3. Rules Development
    -Introduction- Warhammer 40k: Checkmate is a rule system developed as a small fast paced version of Warhammer 40k. It is a combination of Cityfight, Kill Team, and Combat Patrol. It uses Combat Patrol-esque teams in a Cityfight setting and strives to achieve the elite fighting force feel of...
  4. Other 40k Universe Games
    Abstract: Ork Culture and the Development of Sycretistic Probiotic Relational Interactions Between Differing Phrenological Subtypes of the Orkish Genome by Dr. Imafu Lofsh i'it An unprescedented discover in the lower reaches of the Hive, commonly refered to as the "Underhive" by the denizens...
1-4 of 4 Results