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  1. Xenos Army Lists
    Hello. One of my Friends asked me if this necron list is good, but I don't know. So I want to present here his list to respond him! Thanks Everyone! The List: HQ:[280] Anrakyr the Traverler [165] 2x Criptek Destruction Arald [70] 1x Criptek Destruction Arald with Defensive Granade[45]...
  2. Xenos Forces
    I'm sorry but I've posted this in the wrong section. I've already repost this in the right section. Sorry again.
  3. Xenos Forces
    Hi, guys what do you think of this army, it almost feels a little too weak, any suggestions on changes? HQ: Necron overlord-phase shifter,r-orb,staff of light(165pt) necron lord-r-orb,staff of light, phase shifter (110) necron lord-r-orb,staff of light, phase shifter (110)...
  4. Xenos Army Lists
    Hi all, first things first, it's great to be here! I'd really appreciate it if people could read through my list and make recommendations on things to change and things to keep :) I have an escalation tournament coming up. Fun fun fun. Whilst creating my lists for this I have viewed these...
  5. Xenos Forces
    Hi everybody! I need some help to optimize my 1500 pts. list... HQ Overlord w/phase shifter; orb; warshyte, mindshackle scarabs IN Command Barge (gauss cannon) Destroyer Lord, 2+AS, warshcyte; Veilteck Lord with orb Lord with Orb and Gauntlet TROOP 6 War (with Lord) 6 War (with gauntlet...
1-5 of 5 Results