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  1. Xenos Forces
    Ok guys here is the story. I'm entering a 500 point progressive tourny. Where we start with 500 points for the first week then 600 the second week of play and 700 points the third week and so on. The catch is you have to keep every peice from your 500 point army every week. I can upgrade them...
  2. Xenos Forces
    Ok so I recently got the Tyranid battle force, so it has 3 warriors, 16 gaunts (8 hermi & 8 termi) 8 genestealers, I got a fex and a brood lord. I am most likely going to purchase some more models soon, I got down a list of a basic army and I would like your advice on it. I am not to sure what...
  3. Forces of Imperium
    Im starting an IG army anti orks. I have not played much. my opponent likes to use lots of powerful stuff like meks, zapp guns, ghazghull etc. has no bikes
1-3 of 3 Results