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  1. PC & Console Discussions
    Who is your favourite
  2. PC & Console Discussions
    Saw that there wasn't a topic for friend code sharing on here, so thought I could make one .... Mario kart wii came first because of the nearly lagless online, though if this goes well we can have other games My friend code is 0602-6428-9485 Generaly playing as a beaker mii, because i love...
  3. PC & Console Discussions
    Dear all, This thread is dedicated to competitive battling with Pokémon. First of all, Pokémon has two sides to it. The first side is a cutesy child's game where you have to run around doing cute things to collect all 493 of Nintendo's critters. It is not this side we are particularly...
  4. PC & Console Discussions
    Greetings LO I've recently acquired a slew of online Wii games and would love to start playing with fellow LO'ers I have MarioKart, SSB Brawl, and Guitar Hero 3. If you have a wii and would like to play add me to your friends list and reply with yoru console ID and/or friend codes, here. My...
1-4 of 4 Results