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  1. AoS Army Fluff
    A top quality (and FREE) unofficial army book (PDF) Click army book cover for review or Jump straight to the Nippon download and feedback links
  2. Rules Development
    Nippon (Japan) Armybook Project - V1.5 I know that this kind of thread pops up every so often, someone posting an armylist they came up with for Nippon. Too frequently, they lack originality (among the other WHFB books), are too cheesy or underpowered, lump Nippon in with Cathay, or mix up...
  3. Empire
    I recently had the opportunity to acquire a good amount of Dixon brand Samurai miniatures, as can be seen here: Dixon Miniatures : Wargaming Figures for collectors and wargamers including 25mm Samurai, 25mm Vikings, 25mm English Civil War and much more I was looking over the Samurai line and...
1-3 of 3 Results