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  1. Chaos Army Lists
    I finally bought the daemon codex, so here's a list with them as a detachment to my Noise Marine Army. I'll be fielding this for the second game since my return next weekend so I need all the advice I can get, although this does use pretty much all of my models. Primary Detachment HQ Lord...
  2. Projects
    I am starting to piece together an army of hereteks. Both the fluff and crunch of this army is not finished, but there are some core units that I have started on so I've decided to start this thread. I finally got some blue tac to start mocking up models, so I will start with these. (still...
  3. Chaos Army Lists
    Starting to refine this list with models in mind [EDIT] updated list Lord, power weapon, sigil, meltabombs, long war vet 20 cultists, 2 flamers 5 noise marines, blastmaster 5 noise marines, blastmaster oblit, mark of nurgle oblit, mark of nurgle oblit, mark of nurgle herald of slaanesh, lesser...
1-3 of 3 Results