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  1. Ogre Army Lists
    Slaughtermaster level 4 with glittering scales, fencer's blades, and dispel scroll - 370 Brusier - Battle standard bearer, iron fist, armor of silvered steel - 179 Firebelly lvl 2 with 1 dispel scroll - 280 10 Bulls with iron fists, standard bearer and bellower - 340 8 Iron guts with...
  2. Ogre Army Lists
    Tyrant-XXX heavy armour siegebreaker daemon killer scars mawseeker Total- 281 pts Butcher-XXX hellheart Total- 180 pts Hunter-145 pts x2 sabretusks longstrider wyrdstone necklace Total-230 pts 6x bulls-xxx ironfists command light armour Total-...
1-2 of 2 Results