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  1. Ogre Army Lists
    My 1st list for the new army book would be; Slaughtermaster Level 4 Great weapon Dispel scroll Armour of destiny Ironcurse Icon Bruiser Heavy armour Ironfist BSb Dragonhide banner 19 ogres Banner Ironfists 6 Maneaters Brace of pistols Banner Banner of eternal flame 2 Ironblasters...
  2. Ogre Army Lists
    This is the first ogre list i've posted but go ahead and tell me whatever you think needs changing Tyrant with Thundermace, Armor of Destiny, Luck gnoblar Slaughtermaster with Talisman of preservation and 3 tooth gnoblars Total 565 Bruiser BsB with spangle shard, weird stone, and cathayan...
  3. Ogre Army Lists
    Lords 306 Tyrant - Standard face beating build Tenderiser Gut Maw Runestone Necklace Heavy Armor Heroes 540 Bruiser - No surprises here Battle Standard Armor of Destiny Butcher - NO! Dispell Scroll Butcher - Love it or lose it? Hellheart Core 864 5 Bulls - Wizards go here Full Command 5...
  4. High Elf Army Lists
    I was wondering if my lists of 1000 points could be useful to fight against the Ogres. Last time I lost terribly to the Ogre player due to Bull charges, Gut magics, and Toughness. Here are the lists of 1000 points: List #1 Heroes - - Mage + Level 2, knows High magic...
  5. Ogre Kingdoms
    For the last couple of weeks, I have been playing against Dark Elves, and I got my butt kicked. Especially against one list which includes 15 dark riders, a war hydra, 1 dreadlord riding a manticore with plus STR 3 lance , 2 repeater bolt throwers, 15 witch elves with the armour piercing banner...
  6. Ogre Kingdoms
    I am not a fantasy battles player yet (40k ork player actually) but I was wondering, I read somewhere that other races can use ogre units as mercinaries. Is that true? and if so, what races can use them? Any?
  7. Warhammer Classic
    sorry for smashing that last part of the topic. What army should I get, what are the Strengths and weaknesses of both armies? What are their styles of play? and What should I buy for them (Im already getting their battalion) k thanks in advance:act-up: o sorry, i also have both of their army books
  8. Ogre Army Lists
    Lords and heroes: Tyrant w/ heavy armor, the tenderiser, gut maw, and wyrdstone necklace = 306 Butcher w/ siegebreaker, and skullmantle = 180 Butcher w/ dispel scroll, and bangstick = 180 Butcher w/ dispel scroll = 155 Core: 3x Bulls w/ musician = 115 3x Ironguts (tyrant) w/ musician = 154 3x...
1-8 of 8 Results