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  1. Skaven
    I was kitting out a Skaven Warlord and noticed the HUGE difference in points between a great weapon and the ogre blade. Without listing specific points I will say there is slightly over a 30pt difference. I haven't played many games at all so I was wondering is the initiative that big of deal?
  2. Ogre Kingdoms
    Hey there people! So, im gonna buy a butcher and a hunter and was wondering, do any of you ppl have cool conversion ideas? I really would want them to stand out a bit from the rest of the ogres. So, any cool ideas? Everything is welcome :>
  3. Ogre Kingdoms
    Well as the NEW edition of the warhammer is coming out shortly there of course are some changes but this time they're are lots of changes. Of which Ogres will benefit from this new edition, as now a standard unit fights in 2 ranks and spears in 3, Ogre sized models also fight in 2 ranks up to...
  4. Ogre Kingdoms
    Greetings fellow Tyrants. I am soon going to buy the Ogre Kingdoms Battleforce, and i am wondering, how can i make the most out of it? Can i make any Bruisers/Butchers or Tyrants? And can i in some way get more Gnoblars from the battleforce? Im kinda new to fantasy so please forgive my newbi-ness.
  5. High Elf Army Lists
    For the first time in more than six months I finally WON!!! :D:D Versing a Core-heavy Ogre list I wiped every model from the table without losing a full unit. And here's the glorious list: Prince on Star Dragon w Star Lance, Armour of Calador Mage w Lvl 2, Sunfire Gem BSB w Battle Banner...
  6. Ogre Kingdoms
    Hello People. I need help against the noobiest army known to man and possibly monkey. Its an empire army with six warmachines, forty handgunners, 2 units of infantry, 5 knights, a wizard lord and the rest varies. My usual army has 3 units of 4 'guts, lots of butchers, a tyrant, gorgers, yheetes...
  7. Ogre Kingdoms
    Hello people after playing ogres for a while i have played some armies and suffered some pretty big wins and losses. these have been for a couple of reasons (outmanuvered, out gunned, ect...). I was wondering what the bane of your ogre armies existance.
  8. Ogre Army Lists
    Hi, I am starting a Fantasy army and after looking over the model lines and hearing some testimonials at a local GW, I think I am going to play Ogre. I will be starting out by acquiring a 500 pt army to be used in friendly games. My first opponents would be Dwarfs and Vampire Counts (my...
1-8 of 8 Results