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painting tips
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    help I don't know how to prime! Greetings fellow painters and brush enthusiasts, I come to you today seeking knowledge on priming mini's I've watched the tutorial on army painters youtube countless times, but I'm still unsure of my own skill, he says to keep constant movement but I fear too...
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    Has anyone seen anything about tips tricks or ANYTHING really that would be a good source of information to painting digital camouflage? I want to experiment with the technique on some Tau.
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    Hey guys, I recently got back into painting minis, and I decided on painting Blood Ravens (and Orks) as a tribute to the RTS that got me back in the game (Dawn of War II). Could you guys give me a few suggestions on what colours and techniques you would deploy? I've been using Mechrite Red as a...
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    Hey guys, Does anyone have or know of an intermediate level process for highlighting black? I'm trying to highlight tyranid scything talons. I attempted to do a gradual drybrush highlight up to white, it just seemed to lighten the whole talon. I'd like to do something like I see Eldar...
1-4 of 4 Results