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    Tyranid Color Scheme Help (Images) I am in need of advice when it comes to choosing a color scheme. I realize that the first image has a rather questionably painting job, but please pay attention to the color scheme itself. Nevertheless, which of the following color schemes is better? Is there...
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    I've recently heard painters discussing painting techniques where one painter discribed washing/inking as "cheating". I'm wondering if this is a common perception in the gaming community or is it just an elitist viewpoint.
  3. Hobby Forums
    Hey peoples! im still new to warhammer and i bought the battle for skull pass set. I need some help on how to paint Slugdrool the troll. (any advice would be helpful)
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    Any tips or good tutorials on spray painting minis? What kind of spray guns are good (price / quality)? Is e.g. GW's Citadel Spray Gun any good? Are spray guns only for painting larger models e.g. vehicles or can smaller minis be sprayed as well (up to what level of detail)? Also technique...
  5. Projects
    Some boyz in the making... so far de-moulded, 50% spray primed and upper bodies with some highlights. Trying to paint bits separately, lets see what happens :soldier:
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    I sprayed a few minis with black primer and interestingly I noticed that it's much easier to paint on top of sprayed paint than it is over brushed paint. Sprayed paint seems much rougher and new layers seem to grip onto it easier. I haven't used white spray primer; does it actually stick onto...
  7. Projects
    Well, I have finally decided to take the plunge and start a painting log, exposing my sporadic painting efforts to the harsh spotlight of LO. Hopefully having this thread should help to spur me on to get some more painting done, just so that I have something to post! It should also mean that...
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    Which army do you think is the most fun to paint?
  9. Completed Tutorials
    Uhhhhh.........Sorry if this is in wrong place :sidefrown: Edit - Thanks for moving This is my Second post, and first tutorial. I would like feadback on how my tutoiral is, how i can improve, ect. ---- Since i am on a low budget (£25 a month) my colours are very limited, so if you can think...
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    Hey, I'm not too happy with my Space Marines, any tips on how to improve?
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    Im starting a Crimson Fists army and I want to now the best coulers to ues can some one help me?
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    Hey guys, here's some more of my models as I've been finishing them! You may remember my Oldblood & Carnosaur. I've done a little more work on the base: Here's a recent conversion of mine. A Standard Bearer in case I ever want to use Rank & File Skinks: A Standard Bearer for my unit of...
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    Hey this is my first post btw but cood anyone give me any tips on how to paint a great blood angel dreadnought ( the one the assualt on black reach)
  14. Xenos Forces
    Hey guys I bought a Mek Boy with Bosspole, and looking at the model, I am curious for painting purposes, what exactly is that thing around his neck? Is it a metal collar or something?
  15. Dwarfs
    Hey Guys,I got BFSP for Xmas and I really like the dwarfs. problem is, I don't have their armybook and I can't think of a paint scheme for them. I really don't want to go with the regular blue that everyone seems to be using. My original colour scheme was going to be red and black based on a...
  16. Projects
    hi all, i have been collecting tanks and guard for about three years now and i thought it was time to incorporate them into one army. i am thinking something along the lines of a lost strike force or the survivors of war... any way here are the pics. tell me what you think. 2007; chimera...
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    I was hoping some of the more experienced (or at-all experienced) painters out there could help explain when the different primer colours are used? Everywhere I look it is just stated to used the primer colour 'as required', and I can't decide what that means exactly. (I'm also colourblind...
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    I'm having a real problem choosing a colour scheme for my new Slaanesh Army! - I hate pink so these are my various ideas! Which one do you guys like? I actually got my ideas from the website CoolMiniOrNot - The Internet's largest gallery of Painted Miniatures and Miniature Painting art It's my...
  19. Xenos Forces
    Hey Guys, I have decided to redo my orks after extreme displeasure over their apperance, and I can't decide between these two. Either, light and cartoony-esque classic look, Warhammer 40,000 or realistic, dark look Games Workshop Imagery I can't choose, and I love both looks! What...
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    Hey guys, I was recently working on some of my Goff Space Orks, and looked at an ork boy who was for the most part, just primed with some green skin, and seeing the black leather, realised it looked a lot better than most of my finished goffs. For the most part, I only had goffs wearing dark...
41-60 of 72 Results