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  1. Hobby Forums
    Here is a Nurgle Lord from Avatars of War which I recently finished as part of a Commission for a private client. Cheers, Tom
  2. Hobby Forums
    Hey all, I am working on my Witchhunter force at the moment, and nearing 2k. I was thinking of looking towards Nurgle as my next force (either fantasy or 40k, I'm thinking the latter mostly). I was thinking of a halloween/scarecrow/jack-o-lantern type thing. Though that probably doesn't make...
  3. Lizardmen
    When i was gaming against my skaven playing friend we ran into a problem. My unit saurus warriors with an old blood armed with the blade of realties(you know, they take a leadership fail and die thingie) charged into a unit of 30 plaugue priest with the furnace. My oldblood started chopping the...
  4. Chaos Army Lists
    Hi all, after thinking of starting a Death Guard list for quite well, i finally tried to make a good list. I mainly play friendly games, somewhat competative. Normally I play with Chaos Daemons (40K that is) so I'm not unfamiliar with this game. Anyway here's my list, all C&C are welcome...
  5. Skaven
    What could I use to build a Plagueclaw Catapult? There are 3 crew right? Any other helpful comments appreciated.
  6. Skaven
    What sort of armour/armour options do the skaven plague monks have? My brother is planning a Clan Pestilens army and wants to know what sort of protection they have in battle. Any help appreciated, thanks heaps.
  7. Chaos Army Lists
    Need opinions on 1500 pt Nurgle themed list. HQ Sorcerer: MoN, Terminator Armor, Nugle's Rot = 150 Troops 9 Plague Marines w/ Champ + PF, Melta Bombs, Rhino w/ Havoc = 302 9 Plague Marines w/ Champ + PF, Melta Bombs, Rhino w/ Havoc = 302 8 Plague Marines w/ Champ + PF, Melta Bombs, Land...
  8. Hobby Forums
    Heyhey guys n gals got a penchant for the plague and have decided ot make a small 1k nurgle force out of a heap of old n tatty bezerkers i had lying around plus a few others bits n pieces, as a work in progress im out for any crazy ideas for input and abit of modelling challenge. As an added...
1-8 of 8 Results