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  1. Forces of Chaos
    So the new errata came out on April 13th for chaos marines (about a week after i finished my army) and it has changed my thoughts on certain things in my list. So its a noise marine centered / slaanesh list, more fun then offensive, though as it stands 4 out of the 5 games i have played i won...
  2. 40k Rules Help
    I normally play by the book. I use the core rule book and codices as my bread and butter. But ever since I had started playing (about 3 years ago), a friend of mine continuously drills to try and use his own "Customized Leaders" and "Unique Vehicles". All of which were the child of his own...
  3. Xenos Forces
    can you plz tell me how many points the below force is alltogether autarch with power sword 12x Guardians, Brightlance swooping hawks w/exarch wraithlord w/wrathsword 10 dire avengers 3 jetbikes PEACE OUT GUYS
  4. Xenos Forces
    If this has already been discussed in a previous thread I apologize and plz direct me to it. I have always drooled on the destructive power of Pariahs but any time I field them they are obviously seen as a huge threat and are immediately pelted from a distance until they are no more. Even...
1-4 of 4 Results