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  1. Warriors of Chaos Army Lists
    New List for my Chaos Lord of Re-rolling LORDS: 354/375 :bomb: Chaos Lord/MoT Barded steed/shield Helm of Many Eyes Sword of Rending Talisman of Preservation This guy goes with Left Hook, a unit of 6 stupid trolls. HEROES: 374/375 Festus Sits in with Uppercut, 4 poison attacks per man ouch...
  2. 40k Rules Help
    I just started playing Warhammer40k a week ago, and i've come across a few rules in my codex that i don't understand, seeing as i don't have a rulebook handy. i was hoping someone could explain a list of rules. 1) what does Poison (2+) mean? 2) how many LONG RANGE attacks do each of my space...
  3. Dark Elves
    Hi all. In equiping my army I like the lifetaker crossbow. I'm curious on the spelling though. It says it's dipped in the venom of a black dragon. Does that imply that it is a poison weapon? venom = poison? Thx for your answers/thoughts. //Darkmage
1-3 of 3 Results