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  1. Imperial Army Lists
    Greetings, Loyalist Scum! :P Seriously, though: I've got a copy of the Vanilla Codex, and since my gears were still in motion after crafting my hilariously bad CSM build I decided to take a swing at the Emperor-loving side of things. Because I love fluff, I generated two fluffy lists; one...
  2. 40k Armies
    Hi there forums, I was wondering of which army best suits for Harlequins to play with. Here are the polls and I'll let you guys discuss.
  3. Skaven
    Hi all, I often find the threads in these forums are filled with tactical stuff, and things like what is the best of this or what goes well with that. I thought I would just post something different, something simple. This poll is about what you think looks the best, not what you think is...
  4. Vampire Counts
    Hai all! I want to know: From a fluff perspective, which one of these VC characters do you think is the coolest. The Vampire vs The Necromancer Note that I'm not interested in statline, points cost, differences in magic, gameplay options, etc. since I'm only out for fluff. So, vote and...
  5. Hobby Forums
    When you set up games of 40K (Or WFB I suppose) doe you use a game board or other surface with scenery built on? Or do you use a number of movable area terrain or building pieces? And do you play more often on a regular table or special table, if you use modular? I would like to see what other...
  6. Xenos Forces
    Why Devilfish?(Solved) Hey, I am about to start playing Tau, and one thing I've seen in a lot of armies, are Devilfish'. I've even been adviced to put some in my own army with my FWs, but I don't see the great thing about them. Good Things: The FW team moves twice as fast as they usually do...
  7. Tomb Kings
    This pry should be in the modeling section, but I'ld rather have TK players oppinion. This came up in another post and rather than hijack that post I made my own. I am working on my own, scratch built, casket of souls. I would like to give a special effect. I am trying to decide between a light...
  8. Forces of Imperium
    Hello, I have a Dreadnought from 4th Ed with A.C. and CCW w. Stm Bltr. Was considering getting another one with a different loadout, just wanted to judge peoples favourite weapon loadouts. Any comments on why you prefer different roles for Dreadnought much appreciated. I use mine as advancing...
  9. Forces of Imperium
    at the time of writing looking at the most recent threads in the marine section it seems to be taken over by polls. lookingat he section i count six polls in the top half of the first page for our most recent threads. is it time to put a stop to these mindless pointless polls i say YES. and...
  10. Xenos Forces
    What I want to know is who fields reapers? What is the most common equipment/options? And out of all the heavy support choices, who thinks they are worth they extremely pricey point costs?
  11. Hobby Forums
    I've recently heard painters discussing painting techniques where one painter discribed washing/inking as "cheating". I'm wondering if this is a common perception in the gaming community or is it just an elitist viewpoint.
  12. Projects
    welcome one and all to the mega unit! this blog is to record my progress in building and painting the largest unit i can (before insanity kick in, i'll stop at the brink) from the winner of the poll above. so what are you wating for, you want pictures? get voting!
1-12 of 12 Results