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  1. 40k Rules Help
    A bunch of the guys I play with reckong this is FAQ'd as needing 'to hit' before it works, I can find nothing to this effect in the FAQ's regarding the power at all, unless it's specifically a 'psychic shooting attack' which tbh those words are not used, it is used in the shooting phase granted...
  2. Xenos Forces
    Hey guys, So I was playing a 2v2, my eldar and buddy's SM versus Ork and IG players, each army 500pts, 1000 per team. Both armies on a team would move, shoot and assault simultaneously. It was like turn 3, and my Farseer decides to Doom a lonely squad of Guardsmen, and my IG opponent said that...
  3. 40k Rules Help
    Hey all, I did a search but couldn't spot this, apologies if I'm being dense. on Pg. 27 of my Eldar Codex when explaining the rules for Warlocks, under Warlock Powers it states each Warlock must be given a power. This makes sense, not much of a Warlock if you don't have any power. Then, on Pg...
1-3 of 3 Results