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  1. General Hobby Discussion
    Maybe difficult to estimate, but how much money do you think you've spent on Warhammer/40k since you started? That's including rule books, codexes, paints, brushes, minis and other related accessories? :cow: (Similar poll from 2006...
  2. General Hobby Discussion
    Does anyone know what the culture is like over at GW? 'cause they've just got these notions I don't get. Another, thing, their website fires a popup that says it is tuned for four different browsers and to please use those... But what they are really saying is they prefer you to not use...
  3. Vampire Counts
    The battalion costs £50 but you save £19 (UK prices obviously) Details of contents and some links to more battalion plastic sprues and the Vampire Counts Army reference sheet (the official one) all posted on my blog:- Vampire Counts Battalion Info
1-3 of 3 Results