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  1. Tomb Kings
    Probably been done before.... but I'm new and I'm hiding behind the fact that my laziness hasn't allowed me to proceed past 10 pages back... so... on to my question!!! Giant frogs. Please advise on your most beloved method to dispatch the bulbous floaters. The Slann are pretty annoying. I'm...
  2. Empire
    For 1000 points I'm planning on using a Warrior Priest and a BSB. Should I have a wizard for magic defence in a smaller game? Or is the extra dispel dice going to cut it, and use my points elsewhere? What should I be giving the WP? I want him able to take on basic characters in challenges. I...
  3. Empire Army Lists
    Hey, I've been trying to make a warrior priest themed army. We're playing after a comp list so I dont expect to meet dual dragon and such stuff. Feel free to rip my list appart. Ok.. Here goes: 2250 Pts - Empire Roster Arch Lector of Sigmar (2#, 323 pts) 1 Arch Lector of Sigmar @ 323 pts...
1-3 of 3 Results