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  1. Hobby Forums
    I put together this diorama for the P3 Grandmasters competition at GenCon. He was awarded a silver medal. By the way, I've put him up on CMON if you care to vote. Overall, I was pretty pleased with how he turned out. But don't take my word for it:
  2. General Hobby Discussion
    I was just reading an article on BOLS and someone said something that made me think. They were talking about the impending 8th edition of WFB and someone talked about the rising popularity of the PP games like warmachine and hoards, and how this edition change could be their chance to steal a...
  3. General Hobby Discussion
    Hello everyone, I was shown this article by my brother yesterday, and I thought it to be quite a good read. Somewhat funny but there's also some good advice in there for anyone struggling with writing, be it fluff for their army or one of those dreaded assignments that take away from out hobby...
  4. Tabletop and board games
    We got a few early copies of this game at Gen Con, and have been having a great time with it. I've noticed a few bits of confusion in this forum so let me help clear it up. 1) The game is a PREPAINTED collectible miniature game (CMG). Think like D&D mini's, Dreamblade, Hero clicks, Star Wars...
  5. Privateer Press
    Found this today, thought I'd share, not sure on how good it is yet still downloading it. Warmachine Mod - Warmachine - Evilfalloutkeeper EDIT - Get version by Hobo Hobo, this is newest it seems. Also seems to have Hordes in it, not many sprites for this though. EDIT 2 - This mod is playable...
  6. Privateer Press
    Pretty straight forward, whats your favorite faction in either Hordes or Warmachine. I've allowed everyone to select multiple Factions as I know I like more than one and I'm sure others do too (although lets try to keep it to one Warmachine and one Hordes selection if possible). Reasons for...
  7. Tabletop and board games
    If you can Customize your Monster. Skills attributes whatever. If they arent customizable even after they are pre painted well good luck...
  8. Privateer Press
    What scale is Warmachine or Hordes supposed to be in? The models often seem inconsistent.
  9. Privateer Press
    What does WM offer that 40K does not? I play mostly WH but dabble in 40K and am thinking about getting into WM. I would appreciate someone that plays 40K and WM comparing the two games to help me decide if I should sink some money into WM. Thanks.
  10. General Hobby Discussion
    Hi all, My brother at the moment is getting into Warmachine, and has recently (i.e. last night) acquired some Cygnar miniatures. The first thing I noticed about these models was that, inside their boxes, they sit in these nice plastic bubbles. No sprue, no lose components, everything in its...
  11. Privateer Press
    If all the horde players can do it I can too *kicks warjack* Alright seeing as I'm now addicted to this game, and would like to see more activity in this part of the fourm, I'll just talk to myself until more people begin posting :drinking: My first decision for this game was: 'what faction do...
1-11 of 11 Results