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  1. Projects
    Well since i have a log already for my chaos army I thought I should make one for my blood angels. Not much has been done with this army yet aside of building kits but only a few have managed to get paint applied. I will post a few work in progress units and eventually update this as i make...
  2. Projects
    Well since i have a fantasy army i acquired the beginning of the month i thought i will start a project log, i know i have not updated my ork project log but there will be updates soon. Well what i currently have is the battle for skull pass night goblins. The pics are old but i have already...
  3. Projects
    Well since i need some motivation to finish my world eaters army, i thought i should make a project log dedicated to them. Out of 2000 pt i have completed a unit of bloodletters and a few troops here in there but no fully completed unit other then a base coat. So i thought why not post the main...
1-3 of 3 Results