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  1. Forces of Imperium
    Ok, I'm facing Eldar a lot, and would like to know wich Combination of Psychic powers on an Epistolary is the best combo against the wretched Xenos? That said, I do like to use the Avenger and Gate of infinity on my Terminator Epistolay. But because I feel this could be an exiting topic to...
  2. 40K Tacticas
    Recently I Investigated using the Psychic Scream, Psychic Power en mass, as a result I developed this tactic. So far it has routed a Tau Army (link), but it is by no means thoroughly tested. Following will be a Tactic Outline, a description of the army components required and things to be aware...
  3. Forces of Chaos
    I've been reading through my 'Dex but I can't decide on an answer to this problem, and I searched the forum but found no previous topics about this, so that's why this is here. Basically, can Thousand Sons (the actual unit) Aspiring Sorcerors take more than one power, since the Mark of Tzeentch...
1-3 of 3 Results