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  1. Xenos Army Lists
    To honour my sources I must say I was inspired by with this list. At first I was sceptic because I felt it were too many points in HQ but I had one test battle with them and due to dice I massacred an old BA list. Sure enough his poor judgement to jump out of his raider with 5 TH SS and Libby...
  2. Xenos Forces
    Well howdy again guys. I wanted to retool my army list slightly for Planet Strike, just so I could play a bit better in those games. Let me know what you think! Dracon and Retinue: Raider, Poisoned Blades, Xeno-Spasm, Splinter Rifle, 9 warriors with 2 splinter cannons and 7 splinter rifles...
  3. Xenos Army Lists
    Hey everyone, I have recently re-taken up my Dark Eldar army, and was wondering what everyone thought of my list. I'll post my general tactics idea later in the post. Just so you know, I'll play this straight out of the codex, no 4th edition interference (unless, maybe a new codex...?) Dracon...
1-3 of 3 Results