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  1. Imperial Army Lists
    Hi guys please review this list 1500: HQ Grand Master Daemon Hammer Psychotroke Grenades Rad Grenades ELITES Vindicare Assassin Troops Terminator Squad (5) Psycannon 3x Halberd 2x Daemon Hammers Justicar Thawn Terminator Squad (5) w/GM Psycannon 4x Halberd 1x Daemon Hammer + 1...
  2. Forces of Imperium
    I have noticed that many players comment that they select a razorback for a 10 Marine Squad. While I am totally for house rules or friendly rules, as a general rule I read the codex as Razorbacks for 6 or less, drop pods and rhinos for 10. Do i read the rule wrong?
  3. Imperial Army Lists
    Howdy! Looks like I'll finally be able to play some 40k in the near future, so I started putting together some list for my GKs. This is the one I am thinking of at the moment, though I have no idea what the current meta is at all. HQ Librarian Might of Titan,Warp Rift,Sanctuary,The...
  4. Imperial Army Lists
    Ok so i watched ultramarine the movie last night and though, hmmm maybe i will crack out my space marine models only to find a new tactical squad, combat squad + razorback un opened D= The aim for this army list is to complete the full 4th company of my chapter the Acolytes of rapture and retain...
  5. Rules Development
    Armoured Column POINTS 100 + MODELS When speed is of the essence and a rapid advance is required, Space Marines will look to their armoured transports. A column of Space Marine tanks is an imposing sight, and when moving in formation they will adopt patterns laid down in the Codex Astartes...
  6. Forces of Imperium
    Quick clarification: Razorbacks can take 6 marines. Can I make a 10 man tact squad, separate it out into 2 combat squads (say 5 and 5) and give each Combat Squad a Razorback? Or since the original squad is 10 man strong, the Rhino is the only option for a dedicated transport? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hobby Forums
    I thought I'd post these somewhere after finishing it. For a college cluster final project we had to learn to scale an object up from tiny to massive; I chose a razorback and here are the final results! first up we have the mini version next to the full size model. next we have the WIP next...
  8. Hobby Forums
    I am building a Razorback and I've read that they, in this little tank, swapped some troopcarrying-capacity for the guns... but how does that look? On the inside I mean.... To me the Razorback looks pretty much like a standard Rhino within, and I would like to make the guns a bit more visiable...
  9. Forces of Imperium
    Just a quick survey to find out how people are using their razorbacks these days... I've just been kit bashing the alternate turrets (Heavy flamer and assault cannon for now, as I'm out of plasma guns) and was wondering how much use people get out of the newer razorback configurations.
  10. Forces of Imperium
    Techmarines can't. Servitors can't. Even the Master of the Forge can't. So despite the fact they were able to in the last Codex, and that it would be really useful as it would allow the Techmarine to zip about and fix things, it's not possible for them to take them as dedicated transports. So...
1-10 of 10 Results