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  1. 40k Battle Reports
    Hello Librarium! Long time visitor, first time poster. I thought I'd try my hand at giving out a Battle Report seen from my own perspective. My style of reporting is slightly different than most I've read, but I hope you enjoy it! This is my first report so all feedback is welcome. Feel free...
  2. 40k Battle Reports
    Hi All, Wanted to share with everyone my battle report, first time using Sisters and this will be the first time I'm writing a battle report, so apologies in advance, real new to this :) Game 01: Big Guns Never Tire, Sisters vs Necrons 1500 Deployment: Hammer and Anvil Objectives: 4 Lists...
  3. AoS Battle Reports
    The Event By the light of the full moon we gathered at the battlegrounds, seething masses of troops trampling over the yet green turf. It was a proving ground of nations, with ancient allegiances and desperate alliances of which our own most certainly was. We checked our ranks. Limited by the...
  4. AoS Battle Reports
1-4 of 4 Results