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  1. Imperial Army Lists
    The Tactica for this IG unit is strike hard and then walk calmly to the objective.; HQ:CCS w/ AC 60; Elites:Marbo XX; Troops:; Veteran Squad w/ 3 gren. and Chimera transport 140; Veteran Squad w/ 3 gren. and AC 95; Fast Attack; Rough Riders Sarge w/ Power Sword and Melta Bombs and three...
  2. Hobby Forums
    I made these Rough Riders for my Guard army and I put them on motor bikes for the following reasons: - Cool Factor - My army think it's creul to ride horses because horses are a silly idea - Cool Factor Again They are made from some old chaos bikes I had + Cadian and Catachan Parts. I'm happy...
1-2 of 2 Results