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  1. Roleplaying Games
    Mystic Quests is a role playing game set three thousand years in the future!The background starts when humans descend on the planet Sarax. Over the following fifty years they create technologically advanced cities that are not just cities but beautiful works of art in themselves. Life is...
  2. Roleplaying Games
    I'm about to run a Deathwatch game, so I thought I'd post my ideas in here to maybe inspire someone :) We've a lot of 40k gamers in our group, so I'm basing the potential enemies on the armies in use... that way we can link it to our current campaign and the area of space we battle in...
  3. PC & Console Discussions
    Hi all, I know this is my first post, and yes, I'm new to LO, but not to forums. I recently purchased Neverwinter Nights and have been thinking about starting to play online. I know compared to other RPG's out there such as WoW and the like Neverwinter Nights is a comparatively old game, but I...
1-3 of 3 Results