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  1. LoBay
    Models are all glued and perfectly align in formation. Half of the Army is painted. Goblins(not night goblins) and some Black Orcs are painted with a special painting technique, shown in, which makes the blood on swords and/or armor have a 3dimensional flesh look. Very nice...
  2. AoS Rules Help
    Wasnt sure where to put this so.. It was a PDF made by a player that redid all of the big rulebook's index. Had it back in April but lost it, cannot find it again the Google machine is failing me Basically someone took the Warhammer Big Red Book index and broke it down even further to make...
  3. Rumours, News & Previews
    Have at it boys: 40k FAQ I haven't even read it myself yet!
  4. Other Fantasy Games
    hi all! this is a HUGE rulebook that i compiled last year for our mordheim society encompassing standard, expanded, house and un/official rules. it is all reformatted to into one uber rulebook, so all the weapons are together, gangs are together etc. mostly retyped. basically NEARLY everything...
1-4 of 4 Results