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  1. 40k Rules Help
    Right I have a 10 man space marine scout squad, I had thought of taking a rhino as a dedicated transport with the idea of using it to quickly move the scoouts to an objective and then it would limited LOS on the scouts. Then I was thinking on using a razorback instead. My plan is as follows: use...
  2. Imperial Army Lists
    2x (Stormraven, with Furioso Librarian, and Scout squad embarked) 1x Librarian What I can't seem to find are rules for starting in transports, and whether the scouts embarked on the stormraven allow them to outflank. please help Thanks
  3. Imperial Army Lists
    2000pts Ultramarine 10th company HQ: Captain, /w Power Weapon, 115pts Command Squad, Meltagun*4, Razorback, 195pts Troop: Scout Squad *10, 227pts Sergeant Telion Camo Cloaks*9 Sniper Rifle*8 Hellfire Rounds Heavy Bolter Scout Squad *10, 165pts Scout Sergeant /w Power Weapon Shotgun*4...
  4. Imperial Army Lists
    400 pts Combat Patrol Scout Squad 1 - 10 models - Heavy bolter - 4 Combat blade - Power fist - Melta bombs //Used to divide using the combat squad rule, 5 close combat scouts with pf inside storm for maximized movement //5 bolter/hb scouts for support, scoring etc Scout Squad 2 - 5 models - 4...
  5. Hobby Forums
    this is my new tau scout squad, I maked its with wood elf spure and some space marine accessory ^^ I'v finish this yesterday, I hope you like!^^ Shinobi tau I hope you like it! ^^
  6. 40k Rules Help
    Reading the scout special rule and the turbo boost special rule in the 5th ed codex I see that you can do a turbo boost for your scout move, assuming you move at least 18" and end up at least 12" from your opponent. I just want to confirm that if your opponent gets first turn that the unit...
  7. Dark Elves
    Okay, was finally sitting down and reading through all the fluff and little rules options in the new dark elf list. In the Assassin entry it states that assassins must deploy using the Hidden Deployment. Yet they also have the Scout special rule. I'm just curious to see the opinions of others...
1-7 of 7 Results