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  1. Art and Literature
    Re-worked version of the story for submission into the competition! * The Watchmen – Version 2 An artificial comet descended from the clear night sky, wreathed in flame and buffeting upon a rumbling, reverberating thunderclap. Harnessed securely within, five marines in blue armour, members...
  2. Art and Literature
    Hi all, Inspired by the stories in the third round of the LO Short Story competition (Which you should totally go and read and vote for if you haven't already!) I decided to actually finish the entry I had started but didn't get done in time to enter. I went with a fairly literal...
  3. Art and Literature
    The Valor of Brother Amos Brother Amos and his squad of tactical marines huddled around each other in the hull of the drop pod. The mission was simple: to scour the planet of the Chaos taint. Every traitor had to be eliminated to the last man. No prisoners, no mercy. Words buzzed across...
1-3 of 3 Results