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  1. Imperial Army Lists
    Hi All, Very long time lurking, I've been slowly collecting Sisters and been painting some up. This is my 1500 list and just want to get some thoughts on a few things. HQ Saint Celestine TROOP BSS w/ MM flamer and Rhino 175 BSS w/ HF Melta and Rhino 190 FAST Seraphim *10, 2 DW Hand...
  2. LoBay
    I'm looking for a specific sister repentia. It is the one on the left here. I'm in the UK. Can paypal.
  3. Empire
    Hello, new to the forums, just joined in fact. I searched the forums for an answer regarding this, and could not seem to find one, thus, here I am, asking! I am currently thinking of starting my first WHFB army. I like both the Wood Elves, and the Empire. I was reading Lore on the Empire, and...
1-3 of 3 Results