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  1. Social Networking
    New gaming club has started in cambridge Sons of War Every Wednesday 6.00pm til 10.30pm 28th Cambridge Scout Hut Flamsteed Road off Rustat Rd Cambridge CB1 3QU £3 per session as a one off £2.50 per session with 6 month membership at £10 Annual Membership £15 9 gaming tables with...
  2. Chaos Army Lists
    I only play with a pure thousand sons list a la 3rd ed and it normally does better than you would expect, but I played a game against necrons last wednesday and I got completely owned. I used a list that is somewhat unusual for my play style and it didn't work. I was wondering if this is a...
  3. Forces of Chaos
    I've been reading through my 'Dex but I can't decide on an answer to this problem, and I searched the forum but found no previous topics about this, so that's why this is here. Basically, can Thousand Sons (the actual unit) Aspiring Sorcerors take more than one power, since the Mark of Tzeentch...
1-3 of 3 Results