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soul grinder

  1. Chaos Army Lists
    HQ Bloodthirster + blessing = 255 Herald on chariot = 110 Herald on chariot = 110 Elites 5x Bloodcrushers = 200 3x Flamers = 105 6x Fiends =180 Troops 10x Bloodletters =160 7x Normal Horrors + separate changeling and icon = 166 7x Plaguebearers = 105 7x Plaguebearers and icon = 130 Heavy...
  2. Forces of Chaos
    My new khorne army contains 2 defilers and to stay with the feel of the list I was wondering if you played me if you would object to me using a soul grinder as a Daemon prince, assuming it has the appropriate equipment. I have 2 rhinos of beserkers in the list along with a third group in a land...