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  1. Hobby Forums
    Hello ive been working on a new space marine army and for the fluff of mine i made them a chapter that got trapped in the eye of terror and with all the stuff going on there its gotten them to become very VERY violent so i wanted to make my army look like a blood crazed space marine chapter my...
  2. 40k Army Fluff
    Hey guys, im new to the forum but not the hobby, i have been playing for about 8 years but this is my first attempt at writting some proper fluff. Its not perfect, i know, but i wanted to post it here to share it and to get some feedback. So read it if you want, and be honest! Thanks guys, here...
  3. 40k Army Fluff
    Ok well i have this chapter that i have been working on for sometime now called the Hawk Lords, I found them in the fourth edition spm codex and again in the fifth one....and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas for some fluff for them, because they lack any backstory. So far i've done my own...
1-3 of 3 Results