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  1. Forces of Chaos
    Firstly, an observation than has been niggling me for a while. All Chaos Walkers have Powerfists. Either I'm missing something or this is worse than a dreadnought close combat weapon. On the subject of walkers, the helbrute seems... a bit dull as it has no acces to the vehicle armoury. That out...
  2. Imperial Army Lists
    Howdy! Looks like I'll finally be able to play some 40k in the near future, so I started putting together some list for my GKs. This is the one I am thinking of at the moment, though I have no idea what the current meta is at all. HQ Librarian Might of Titan,Warp Rift,Sanctuary,The...
  3. Imperial Army Lists
    2000pt heavy hitter greyknight list I built this list for fun idk it may be competitive let me know what you think HQ: Brother captain XXX Troops: 10x GKSS 2x psycannon psybolt ammo 10x...
1-3 of 3 Results