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  1. Chaos Army Lists
    as the title says, this is only the stuff i have. it doesnt mean that i dont want your critisim/praise, but merely that there are limited changes i can make. HQ Chaos Sorc - 125 -MoS -Lash Troops 10x Khorne Berserkers - 250 -Skull Champ -Powerfist 9x Thousand Sons - 269 -Aspiring sorc...
  2. Forces of Imperium
    I've been looking into SoB as an ongoing project but struggle to find anywhere that sells them other than GW yet they are not getting re-done anytime soon from what I can gather. I was thinking of a list along these lines: Canoness - plasma pistol, some wargear etc Inquisitor Few Priests...
  3. Xenos Forces
    I used to dabble a bit in warhammer 40k and I have decided to come back to it. With 'nids. Only problem is I am not sure how to fit out my army. I already have two squads of eight genestealers with no upgrades. The sort of army I am going for is a monstery type army, not a swarm. So what units...
  4. Bretonnians
    My local gaming group converted to fantasy a little while ago now and we're all about to start on our second armies. After collecting Tomb Kings I’m hiding over to bretonnians because I’ve always believed them to be one of the best looking and most flavour full armies around. I've just got a...
  5. Imperial Army Lists
    Well after around six years of being unactive in the 40k universe, I've decided to pick it up again. While I sold a good bit of my army I am picking up the pieces and going forward once more. So I created a 500pt army that I hope will best suit my situation. Tell me what you think. My...
  6. Xenos Forces
    I am thinking about starting a necron army. Does anyone one have any advice on what I should buy in order to get started?
1-6 of 6 Results