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  1. Xenos Forces
    Orkish: Alright boyz, me ol' mek shop dun gon kapoot. Da dumb gitz wit all da teef dun rooned 'em. I feelz like Gork haz abanduned meh... :goat: Human: Hey guys, the Gameshop (my local hobby store where I get all my models and paints) has closed down and become just an online store because of...
  2. General Announcement
    The LO POI system is more or less in a working condition and can be accessed here You will be able to search a map for Gaming Clubs, Hobby Shops, GW Stores and LO members. First you need to enter your city choose range and POI type, then click search to find the ones near you. If you dont find...
  3. General Announcement
    Now you get experience points again for participating on the forums. Taken into calculation are these things: Hope this will be fun. You can use your points to buy virtual items in the forum store :cow:
  4. General Hobby Discussion
    I have seen many people with more love for the game than money (I am one). I thought I would share some links for those of us who want minis, but dont have an extra arm and leg lying around to give GW. Note: these are in no way official. While some might pass well enough that no one would...
1-4 of 5 Results