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  1. Imperial Army Lists
    HQ Company Command Squad (In Chimera) 4 Plasma Guns 1 Officer of The Fleet Knight Commander Pask Leman Russ Executioner x3 2 Plasma Cannons (On Pask's Tank) Elite Storm Trooper Command Squad 4 Melta Guns Storm Trooper Squad x3 (5 Storm Troopers) 6 Melta Guns Troop Veteran Squad x2 (In...
  2. 40K Tacticas
    I have developed a strategy that uses the Storm as a mobile gun platform against armies that have lots of assault units (e.g. Tyranids, Demons). <p> Intro: Land Speeder Storm is Open Topped meaning its occupants can ALL fire measuring their Line of Sight from the hull of the vehicle (Rule Book...
1-2 of 2 Results