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  1. Tomb Kings
    I played my first game in a really long time just yesterday, against lizardmen. We played a 1500pts game, and I was severely outnumbered, though it was a fairly even battle until I had an unlucky magic phase toward the end, not getting anything through and leaving my crucial unit ripe for a...
  2. Wood Elves
    I need some strategies for Wood Elves. I am starting a new Wood elf army and only know the basics of how to lure them into the forest could you please post your strategies here?
  3. Xenos Forces
    Necrons. I hate them. Nothing more frustrating than shooting all but ONE model in a unit and having half or more stand back up. Pity excuse for "courage" and "power". Now that I've vented some anger, I'd like to know what would be most effective against them. Please reply with: A unit to...
1-3 of 3 Results