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    Evenin' all, Here's a question - What's the easiest way to go about stripping miniatures? If I don't get lazy and just paint over the chips on my Chaos Knights (10 years old...), what's the best way to strip the paint from them? Cheers.
  2. Hobby Forums
    Let me start by saying that I'm always a fan of a bargain and that secondly, I found one on ebay. I've recently started collecting a WoC army and found someone selling a job lot of models at a price I couldn't refuse. The problem I now have is that; firstly, the models that are painted haven't...
  3. Completed Tutorials
    I recently bought a few older witchhunter models off a friend-of-a-friend. As they had been previously painted by an over-excited 10 year old I wasn't all that happy with them. I used some old paint stripper that I found in the garage, when I first used I wasn't sure how it'd go but I was...
  4. Completed Tutorials
    How to strip plastic and metal figures using cleaning products! This guide will teach you how to remove and strip the paint from all of your old miniatures - plastic and metal. I've used this process on Games Workshop / Citadel miniatures in plastic, white metal and lead forms and it works...
1-4 of 4 Results