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  1. Xenos Army Lists
    Hey guys haven't posted for a while so here is a 1750 list I ran last week want your opinion on it plays against anything and everything so tear it limb from limb HQ SwarmLord Guard x 1 Tyranids Prime Elites Hive Guard x2 (maybe drop the prime and get two broods of two?) Doom of malantai...
  2. Xenos Army Lists
    Hey all new list here tell us what ya make of it HQ Hive Tyrant Hive commander Lash whip and bone sword Scything talons Paroxysm Leech essence Tyrant guard x2 Scything talons ELITE Zoanthropes x2 Mycetic spore TROOPS Hormagaunts x20 Adrenal glands Toxin sacs Termagants x21 Devourers...
1-2 of 2 Results